Winter Mating 2020 - Missy and Saxon


Stennaroo Top Notch Show Off                     Brinkybull Saxon

DAM Ch. Stennaroo Brindella Delight           DAM Ch. Opalguard Della Brinky

SIRE Ch. Lemabull U Will Be Of Valcobulls  SIRE Ch. Oldwell Blake (IMP UK)


Winter Mating 2020 - Violet and Robbie


Ch. Stennaroo Dark Illusion -   Ch. Opalguard Robbie

DAM Nirvanabelle Angie           DAM Opalguard Hesper

SIRE Sweetbryar The Viking    SIRE  Brinkybull Saxon

Ch. Stennaroo Ava Good Weekend

DAM Ch. Stennaroo Fearless Angel - Babe

SIRE Cnstna Prima Walk This Way With Saturnrings - Sirius

DOB 21/12/2018 Handled by Tracey Lamb

What a fantastic year Ava has had.

She hit the ground running in April this year with a Baby In Group win and followed by a Baby In Show win.

She followed on with 2 x Minor In Show and then 2 x Puppy In Show - 5 in total with 26 Group wins and 16 Sweepstake wins, from April to December.

Number One Rising Star for 8 months - April to December 2019

She achieved her Championship Status at the tender age of 8 months 2 days old.

We are so proud of this girl and her Handler Tracey for the tremendous effort they have showed throughout the year.

Ch. Stennaroo Storm Chaser

DAM Ch. Stennaroo Fearless Angel - Babe

SIRE Cnstna Prima Walk This Way with Saturnrings - Sirius

DOB 21/12/2018 Handled by Carole Maloney

Storm too has had a great year. He was the first of the 2019 Team to gain a Group Win on his Debut in March.

He followed this on with a further 14 Group wins and 5 x Sweepstake wins.

Storm is a natural in the Showring as he loves to show off.

He then gained his Championship Status in November this year.

Well done Storm and Carole.

Ch. Stennaroo Baines All Rounder

DAM Ch. Stennaroo Brinella Delight - Brin

SIRE Valcobulls Guilty As Charged - Baine

DOB 16/12/2018 - Handled by Myself

Baine has done well in the Showring this year.

He was awarded Best Baby In Show at the Bullmastiff Club of Queensland in June of this year. There was some tough competition but he shone through.

He has also gained a couple of Group wins in the All Breed Shows this year.

Well Done Baine


20-21st May 2017



At 13 weeks old our boy Junior has smashed through the Show ring with the highest award – BEST BABY PUPPY IN SHOW.

He did this twice in the same weekend! This was the third show he had been to winning BEST IN GROUP AT ALL THE PREVIOUS SHOWS!

We are hoping for a great Show career for this young boy.

Stennaroo's Biggest Show Award so far


Brin, Babe and Violet
1st June 2017


Introducing our three new Show girls - Brin, Babe and Violet

BRIN is our light Brindle beauty.

BABE is our Fawn Beauty and VIOLET is our Red Brindle Beauty.

These babies were born 13/02/2017 to Angie – Nirvanabelle Angie and Spartan – Sweetbryar The Viking. Grandfather is a Multi European Champion from Denmark.



Champion Stennaroo Takin A Chance
20-21st May 2017

Sassy is our young girl from Nirvanabelle Angie and BullsrKool Gift From Above. Born 30/11/2015.

She is our Show girl. She gained her Championship in December 2016 with a Remarkable PUPPY IN SHOW awarded in November 2016.



Spartan and Angie
Jan 25th, 2016


Angie and Spartan had 10 puppies on 13/02/2017. Brindle, Reds and Fawns.

6 Girls and 4 Boys.

Enquiries always welcome.


Spike's Story
November 29th, 2014


On the 26/07/2014 Gemma gave birth to eight beautiful puppies via C-Section. We were only expecting seven as an x-ray the week before had only showed seven skulls.

You can imagine our delight when we were told about the extra surprise.

Then it was discovered that puppy number Eight (Spike) had a cleft pallet.

This is a life threatening opening between his mouth and his nose. The opening started at the middle front of the roof of his mouth and went all the way back to his soft pallet and down his throat.

We were advised by the vet to euthanaise him because he would not be able to suckle from Gemma. We could not do this. So, we took Spike home and bottle fed him every two hours for three and a half weeks. It was emotionally draining on both of us and we had no idea how things would work out.

Spike's weight at birth was 665grams and after five days his weight dropped down to 520grams. We thought we were going to lose him.

At this point, I held him in the palm of my hand and I said "Listen little one; we are trying our best for you. Now it is your turn. Show us your spirit". We are convinced from this time on he started to turn the corner. Slowly but surely, he started to put the weight back on.

We didn't look in his mouth for about a week. Then when we did, we noticed that the soft pallet at the back of his throat had healed all by itself.

Another week later we noticed that the hard pallet towards the back of his throat had also started to heal. This was amazing. We took him back to the vet who could not believe that this was happening without any intervention. As the weeks went by, the cleft was getting smaller and smaller.

Today, Spike is 18 weeks old and there is just a tiny hole left that we believe will completely heal within the next few weeks. He has now surpassed some of his siblings with his weight of 25Kgs.

Spike has settled in to his new forever home with a fantastic family and they treat him like royalty. This little man let us know that he was meant to be. So we never gave up hope. Just look at him now!


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