General History

The Bullmastiff was originally a 40% Old English Bull dog and 60% English Mastiff. They were bred by English gamekeepers in the 19th Century to guard vast amounts of land against poachers.

In 1924 they became recognised as a pure bred dog by the English Kennel Club. The first standard of the breed was approved in 1935. The standard has changed over the years. The most current version of the standard can be found on the ANKC web site.

The Bullmastiff comes in three colours. Fawn, Red and Brindle.

Dogs should vary from 63.5 - 68.5cm tall at the shoulder and weigh between 50 – 59kg.

Bitches should vary from 61 – 66cm tall at the shoulder and weigh between 41 – 50kg.



We bought our first Bullmastiff from the RayJan kennel near Ipswich. With grateful thanks to Janet and Ray Knight.

We called our precious girl GEMMA (Hips 20, Elbows 0). She has champion pedigree behind her from both England and Australia. Trugaurdian, Bullalryll, Powerbulmas, Anmenta and Wyburn kennels.

We spent a long time deciding who to breed her with. Then we found Sue and Warren Dodt of Memrabull Bullmastiffs. After much discussion with Sue and Warren, we chose CH Gamegaurd the Governor - WOODY (Hips 6, Elbows 0). As well as being a champion himself, he also has both UK and Australian championship hereditary behind him.

RENO (Hips 18, Elbows 0) - Bullestate Daytona, was acquired from Brenton Bullmastiffs in New Zealand on 7th May 2014. We are very grateful to Brenda and Tony Lamb for the privilege of now owning this boy.

He is a fantastic solid boy with 5 generations of Champions behind him. He also has a son Kugel Dark Lord Luther and a Daughter Kugel Etched in Ebony who are both New Zealand Champions. There are also two Granddaughters presently in the show ring. He is a true Brindle with both Fawn and red markings.

For Gemma’s second mating, we had the wonderful opportunity from Sue and Warren Dodt of Memorabull Bullmastiffs - again. BRAVO (Hips 8, Elbows 0) is the current Supreme Champion of Australia. He is the youngest dog to get this title. He has many International Champions behind him.

His Pedigree name seems quite apt after his title. BullsRkool Gift From Above. He is a Butterscotch Blonde.

REBEL (Hips 2, Elbows 1) was acquired on 27th June 2014 from WA. Rebel will be mated with Reno when she next comes into season.

SMARTY (Hips 15, Elbows 1/0) was acquired from Kangala Kennels in NSW, with grateful thanks to Kerry Cannon. She has a fantastic hereditary of Champions and Grand Champions behind her, and gained championship status of her own before reaching 14 months old. She has a very lovable temperament and never stops wagging her tail. She is exceptionally sociable with all that greet her. The future plan for this girl is to mate her with Bullmilashka Macho Man - Our Gentle Giant.

ZEVAR We acquired Zevar with grateful thanks from Kerry Cannon of Kangala Kennels. Zevar is our new addition to the Stennaroo Family. A very happy and sociable girl always playing with Smarty.

ANGIE (Hips 2 Elbows 0) Angie is a very quiet girl and gets on very well with the other girls, Gemma especially. She is not one of our show girls as she has never been in that kind of environment. She is light red in colour has a great mask. She has an excellent mouth and lovely straight back with flowing movement. She has had eleven pups for her first litter to Bravo - quite amazing.


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