About Us

We are a small kennel located in the Lockyer Valley between Ipswich and Toowoomba in Queensland.

Here at Stennaroo Bullmastiffs, your new family member will spend its first eight weeks of life in top quality conditions with the best of care and attention. No matter if you are after a show quality dog, a dog for breeding, or a valued family pet....Stennaroo is where to come!

Our puppies are given a special diet from 2-3 weeks of age.  It is advised to keep your new puppy on this diet after they join your family as it has been proven to help build the strong muscles needed for this breed.

Bullmastiffs are natural guardians of their home and family and are strong, powerful and sensitive dogs.  Consistency is needed for these dogs to become obedient family members. Training and socialisation are of high importance.  This is why we start this training at an early age.  We can provide tips for you to achieve this balance with your own training program.

Here at Stennaroo, puppies are socialised at an early age. They are taught how to play and they are leash trained before they leave us. They will understand simple verbal commands such as ‘No’, ‘Sit’ and ‘Come here’ to help get your own personalised training started.


Contact Details

Maria Stennings
Lockrose, QLD, Australia
Phone : 0423162364
Email : [email protected]